Celtics-Lakers Finals:First Look

Now that the Lakers have advanced to the Finals, setting up a nostalgic match-up with the Boston Celtics, another thing of the past has returned: Kobe – MJ comparisons. The Denver Post weighs in here . The Boston Globe also says Kobe can’t touch MJ.

This isn’t an MJ comparison article, but if you really enjoy drinkers of the haterade, here’s a guy drowning in it from the Contra Costa Times.

A few quick thoughts about the series:

– The Lakers have to be enjoying the 2-3-2 format. It’s a smart move by the league for more than just travel reasons. It rightfully diminishes the effect of home court advantage for the team with the better record, since the two teams come from different conferences. If the Lakers can get one of the first two games, Boston fans will be sweating.

– The Phil Jackson versus Doc Rivers coaching matchup is going to get beaten to death by the media. Approximately 12,287 different analogies and metaphors will be created to describe PJ’s advantage over Doc. Here’s my entry: By the end of the series, PJ is going to make Doc Rivers feel like Agent Kujan at the end of “The Usual Suspects”. He’s going to realize too late that Phil Jackson is Keyser Soze, and that he was just a pawn in the Keyser’s game plan.

– This is going to be another series in which Jordan Farmar will be able to contribute and give Derek Fisher some quality rest. Rondo is not an especially bulky guard type that Farmar seems to have trouble with. I’m also sure PJ will have specific instructions on how the guards should defend Rondo. Can’t wait to see game one to see the game plan.

– How can the Lakers be favored in Vegas to win the series, unless they are favored to win at least one game in Boston? If the home team is favored, as it usually is against two competitive teams, this strikes me as some kind of paradox, as Boston will be the expected favorite in 4 out of the 7 games.

– I’ve read in places that Sasha’s 3 pointer at the end of Game 5 against the Spurs was so the fans could get tacos, but I thought they got rid of the 100 point criteria specifically so these things would not happen?

– I like to watch this youtube of Pau Gasol taking Kevin Garnett when I’m feeling frisky. No, Pau does not check for blood in this clip.

– Ray Allen should be preparing mentally to face Sasha. Like, work on patience, and keeping a calm demeanor.

– Wouldn’t be surprised to hear a “Kobe sucks” chant from the Boston Celtics fans. So far, they’ve been pretty good at yelling in unison, most frequently the “B.S.” chants for the zebras, and most recently “Beat L.A.”

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