Playoffs Experience of Lakers and Celtics Rosters

Here’s two handy tables showing the furthest each player on each team has gone in the playoffs.

We all know Kobe, Fisher, and Sam I Am have rings, but did you remember that are James Posey won it all with Miami?

Surprisingly, the only other players with Finals experience are : D.J. Mbenga, Ira Newble, Scott Pollard, Brian Scalabrine, and Luke Walton.

Player Draft Year Furthest Advance Prior to this year
Kobe Bryant 1996 Won Finals
Derek Fisher 1996 Won Finals
Didier Ilunga-Mbenga N/A (2004) Lost Finals
Ira Newble N/A (2000) Lost Finals
Luke Walton 2003 Lost Finals
Lamar Odom 1999 Lost Conference Semifinals
Vladimir Radmanovic 2001 Lost Conference Semifinals
Jordan Farmar 2006 Lost First Round
Sasha Vujacic 2004 Lost First Round
Ronny Turiaf 2005 Lost First Round
Pau Gasol 2001 Lost First Round
Andrew Bynum 2005 Lost First Round
Trevor Ariza 2004 Lost First Round
Chris Mihm 2000 Lost First Round
Coby Karl 2007 N/A
Player Draft Year Furthest Advance Prior to this year
Sam Cassell 1993 Won Finals
James Posey 1999 Won Finals
Brian Scalabrine 2001 Lost Finals
Scot Pollard 1997 Lost Finals
Paul Pierce 1998 Lost Conference Finals
Kevin Garnett 1995 Lost Conference Finals
Ray Allen 1996 Lost Conference Finals
Eddie House 2000 Lost Conference Finals
P.J. Brown 1992 Lost Conference Finals
Kendrick Perkins 2003 Lost First Round
Tony Allen 2004 Lost First Round
Leon Powe 2006 No Playoffs
Rajon Rondo 2006 No Playoffs
Glen Davis 2007 N/A
Gabe Pruitt 2007 N/A

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