Phil Jackson’s 1984 Championship Ring

You would think this year’s coaching job would have dispelled the notion that Phil Jackson is just a “lucky coach”. Not in this guy’s eyes. He says Phil is just fortunate to have coached great players.  I have a feeling this dude is just trying to stir up controversy, because this particular argument is pretty easy to refute.

How many championships did Del Harris win with Shaq and Kobe?

How many championships did Doug Collins win with MJ and Pippen?


And just for good measure, Phil Jackson won a championship in 1984 in the CBA, coaching the Albany Patroons!

The Albany Patroons were 8-15 before PJ took over during their 82-83 season. If that’s not enough to convince you of Phil’s coaching acumen, nothing will be good enough for you. More on PJ as a coach from an older article.


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