Important Things in Game 5 that Will Be Forgotten …

… at least, by casual fans of the NBA.

– James Posey’s exquisite deflection of Derek Fisher’s entry pass to Lamar Odom in the fourth quarter. Fisher bounced the ball in from the corner into Odom, and Posey laid out his body to tap the ball out of bounds. Odom had sealed him off, but Posey did everything humanly possible to get his hands on the ball, diving at the bounce pass.

– Jordan Farmar’s harrasment of Eddie House, leading House to throw the ball cross court into the third row. Bill Simmons’ worst nightmare is that the Lakers’ guards figure out that they can harass House and Ray Allen into mishandling the ball.

– Kobe majorly forced a couple of shots in the fourth quarter. He was not going to be denied his shot attempts. Fortunately, the Lakers won, so we don’t have to hear too much about those.

– Lamar Odom clutch free throws. Humungous. He could have done the Sam Cassell dance after making those.

– The “almost turnover” on the Lakers’ last inbounds play. Gasol threw it toward Fisher, but Kobe was in the area, tipped the ball and fell. Luckily, Kobe retained possession as he fell to the ground and even luckier, got the ball the Fisher before the Celtic could jump on him for a potential jump ball.


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