Lakers are in the Final Four

Random Observations from Game 5:

-Kendrick Perkins needs a new tailor.  His suit looks about two sizes two big. All he’s missing is the black hat, and he’d look like Notorious B.I.G.

-Gasol got some very timely rebounds. He’s still getting pushed around by P.J. Brown, but I think he’s getting the hang of this physical play.

– Lamar Odom sighting! Lamar Odom sighting!

– Again Fisher with a signature HUUUGE play, drawing the foul on Rondo and still banking in the 17 footer. Veterans are nice to have on your team.

– Sam Casell is CRAZY. He’s Radmanovic’s counterpart. Like Mark Jackson said, some players can keep both your team in the game, and the other team at the same time.

– Sometimes, Sasha makes me embarrassed to be a Laker fan. Like when Sam Cassell tied him up, and Sasha fell to the ground like he was shot by a bullet in the shoulder.

– Kobe got all ball before hitting Pierce’s side. Is that still a foul? I don’t think so, of course.


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