Coby Karl Deserves Playing Time

I know that summer league play is not always the best indicator of regular season success (the most recent and widely cited example being Nate Robinson, last year’s summer league MVP), but doesn’t Coby Karl at least deserve some more playing time for his performance this year?

By all accounts he is standing out and above the crowd in this year’s summer games.

In three games, he is averaging 16 points, 3 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and one steal (I’ll ignore the 37.1% FG for the sake of my argument).

Unless Sasha Vujacic is just torching him in Lakers practices, it seems like it wouldn’t hurt to give Coby a little more run this season.

On a side note, Ramon Sessions (Milwaukee Bucks) looks like a big time point guard with his 6.5 assists in two games so far. 6 assists in a summer league game is like 18 assists, what with everyone trying to impress the scouts and GMs with their scoring ability.  In his last five regular season games, Sessions notched assist totals of 10, 14, 13, 24, and 14, with only a little above 3 turnovers per game over that stretch. Sure, nobody cares at the end of the season when you know you’re not going to the playoffs, but those numbers are still impressive.  I’d love to see Sessions in a point-guard driven offense to see what he’s really capable of doing.


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