Guys I hate in Pick-Up Basketball

This link inspired me to write this post. It was written in 2000 about the “best pick-up basketball player” in the country, a guy you want to play with and against.

It got me thinking about the opposite end of the spectrum – the undesirable qualities in a pick-up player.

Here are the guys (or girls) I hate to play with and against in pick-up basketball.

The guy (or gal) who:

– dribbles and holds the ball too long

– travels a little bit every time he catches the ball

– calls 5 fouls a game

– doesn’t run back on defense, hoping the other team scores quickly so that they can cherry pick on offense

– tries to coach his teammates

– doesn’t know who he is guarding

– yells at his own teammates

– plays overly aggressive defense, basically fouling you every time with either their hands, torso or feet

– claps or yells for the ball on defense, trying to trick you into believing he’s on your team

– thinks he’s so much better than everyone else, he doesn’t need to try until his team is about to lose

Please feel free to add any of your own pet peeves in the comments.


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