Team USA Has a New Mentality

And it’s for the better.

From Chris Sheridan’s USA-Greece Preview:

Krzyzewski said Bryant will be the primary defender on Greece’s best offensive player, Vassilis Spanoulis, though Bryant is not approaching the matchup with the same mind-set he had last summer when he locked down Brazil’s best player, Leandro Barbosa, in the Tournament of the Americas.

 “Barbosa, his whole purpose is to score. And Spanoulis seems to be more of a setup guard who will score, more of a combo, but he gets them into the offense quite a bit. So it’ll be a little different,” Bryant said.

Spanoulis’ take: “I will enjoy it, you know. He is a great player, and he will come with his best for me.”

Isn’t it great how Kobe mentions the Greek guard by name? Four years ago, they probably wouldn’t even bother to call him by his number. It’s great that Team USA is respecting their opponents, and scouting them before games. It’s also a tribute to the development of the international players that they are seen as equals and not just patsies in the Olympic Games.


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