The Next Team USA Coach?

I’ve got a thought for the next Team USA Basketball coach: Doug Collins. He seems like a natural fit, given his pedigree as a former Olympian, as well as his NBA coaching experience. I would suggest that he NOT get a job coaching another team, so that Team USA could have a dedicated coach. This would limit any burn-out possiblity and fatigue that might beset a regularly employed coach.  Collins is a great X’s and O’s guy, and his knowledge of the game is right up there with the best.  He also knows how to cater to superstars, unlike, say, Larry Brown. Collins wouldn’t have to deal with as much of the politics surrounding an NBA franchise and could really focus on just basketball. This might be Collin’s ideal job – it’s an intense environment, but it’s for a limited time every summer, and when the games are done, he would go right back to broadcasting or whatever it is he likes to do.


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