Back to the Lakers, Sort of

Can we touch the gold medal? Ha ha, maybe later, guys

"Can we touch the gold medal?" "Ha ha, maybe later, guys"

Remember them?

Now that Dream Team II has been redeemed (they’re the only other team I considered worthy of the “Dream” moniker), it looks like my attention will have to return to our tiny local team here in Los Angeles.

And of top importance is, how is Andrew Bynum feeling? There hasn’t been much local reporting since the Olympics started, but now I would hope we’d hear something soon about how he is looking in workouts.

BUT, if you’re still feeling the Olympic basketball buzz, here are some links to feed you:

ESPN Compares this year’s team to the Dream Team

Deadspin does the same

They’re already talking about 2012 here

A quick wrap up of Olympic Basketball from CNN

20 Second Timeout says Kobe was the difference in making Team USA a winner in 2008.

Kobe love from Philly? The world has turned upside down!

Random Sports Link: Brad Gilbert writes about how a pro tennis coach makes a living.


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