Not the San Antonio Spurs   




Not the San Antonio Spurs



I know we’re supposed to be thankful today, but c’mon!

Andrew Bynum chipped a bone spur in his right foot and is listed as day-to-day, as reported by the LA Times and NBC Los Angeles.

Supposedly, this is not that big a deal, both Tony Parker (as stated in the NBC LA link) and Keon Clark have had the injury. I have to say though, the Lakers’ original prognosis is not exactly something I put a lot of weight on (remember “Bynum will be back by the end of the regular season”? Yeah, right).  Let’s hope Bynum can convalesce and have an effect more like Tony Parker than Keon Clark, he of legal infamy.

OK OK, I’m grateful for all the good things in my life … grr .. happy place, happy place … DANGIT!… serenity now…


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