Steroids in the NBA?

Reading the link from Truehoop on performance enhancing drugs, I was first surprised that David Stern’s hair looked blond in the photo, and then I was surprised by this line in the article: “…only three players – Matt Geiger, Don MacLean and Soumaila Samake – are known to have been suspended for an infraction since the NBA began its checking process for performance enhancers in 1999.”


Matt Geiger,  Don Maclean, and Soumaila Samake?

My initial reaction was: Who is Soumaila Samake? Then quickly followed by: if these guys were taking performance enhancers, and we didn’t consider them to have freakish bodies or athletic abilities, then there have got to be players in the NBA taking performance enhancers,  including guys we would not have normally had any suspicion about.

I don’t believe for a second that the players police themselves since the testing is so lax, and I don’t believe that performance enhancers could not help in basketball. PEs don’t just put on muscle mass, they can increase recovery time from injuries, increase explosiveness, make you run faster, jump higher.  Hearing the argument that “they won’t help you shoot” in basketball is as laughable a statement as “they won’t help you hit” in baseball was. Right, it won’t help you shoot better, but you could get  your shot off quicker and jump higher on your shot!


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