The MVP Award and Top Gun

Does this make Bynum Goose?

Does this make Bynum "Goose"?

It’s looks like the MVP Award is all but engraved with Lebron James’ name on it.

But I’ve seen this movie before in the 80s. It was called Top Gun, Lebron James is Iceman, and Kobe Bryant is Maverick.

If you recall in Top Gun, Iceman wins the award at the Top Gun academy, but when they have to see real action, who do they rely on to save the day? Maverick.

In the same way, Lebron can have the MVP award. He racked up the most points in flight school.

But I’m going to face the fight with the best player in the NBA, not the most decorated. Kobe Bryant is the guy you’re going to count on in battle.


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