Telecommuting Coach?

If you are a good Lakers fan, you should know by now that Phil Jackson is not traveling with the team as they go up north to face the Portland Trailblazers.  His foot is giving him trouble, in the form of plantar faciatis. In his stead, Kurt Rambis will be directing the Lakers’ efforts against Brandon Roy and his band of Laker killers.

Vic the Brick asked Phil last night after the game if he had any words of advice for Kurt in coaching tonight’s game. Phil replied, “Yes, and it’s none of your business.”

But why does Phil need to only give advice to Rambis? With today’s technology, couldn’t he just coach the Lakers from his couch in Santa Monica, or wherever it is he lives? Kurt Rambis would be his avatar as Phil text messaged or even called him with commands. Kurt could still rally the troops with select messages about their energy and execution. But with a phone call or text, Phil could direct the substitutions and timeout calls, and influence the Lakers overall strategy. They could put a big dummy to sit on that high throne he has. No one would notice. It’s not like he would do this every game, just a few games a year.

Lots of people telecommute to work. Why can’t Phil Jackson?


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