The “Keep Lamar in L.A Fund”

I go by the name of Gils_Keloids on the Silver Screen and Roll forum (no official affiliation).

I just thought of a crazy idea that won’t harm anyone and combines two of my favorite things: Lakers Basketball and helping those in need.

I think it’s pretty easy to set up a donation account on Paypal.

This will be a great way to show Lamar your appreciation while also contributing to a good cause.

So here’s the deal: I will accept any and all donations to the Keep Lamar in LA Fund. If Lamar ends up signing with Los Angeles, I will donate all of the funds, every single penny, to the charity of his choice (I guess I can ask through his Twitter account, which is verified). If he doesn’t sign with LA, all of the money will still go to charity -I guess we can have a vote here or on SSR (or somewhere else if the SRR moderator doesn’t approve of this lame-brained idea).

How do you know all of the funds will go to charity? You will just have to trust me. I am blessed right now to have enough money that more is not going to make me any happier (It’s all mental). I also wouldn’t do something as douchey as taking funds that I have promised to give to charity. I will donate the funds within 30 days after his signing, and if Lamar is with the Lakers, the donation will be in his name, to the charity of his choice. If he doesn’t want to choose, we’ll decide with a vote here, just as we would if he signs elsewhere. I don’t anticipate that it should be too acrimonious to vote on a charity, but if it is, I’ll have final say as to which charity the money will go to (and it will be a credible one).

I wish I had thought of this earlier. Now I almost hope this drags on, so we can collect the most donations!

Who knows, it might only be $15 bucks, it might be thousands, but however big or little, it will all go to a deserving charity.

I wonder if Stern will find someway to ruin my fun, which will be for a great cause no matter where Lamar signs!

I’ll guess I’ll start and add $20 bucks to the pot. I’ll keep you updated on the size of the fund (UPDATE: I just tried to donate with my credit card, but it won’t let me unless I make a new account, Paypal also won’t let me donate to myself using Paypal. I’ll have to remember to add $20 to whatever we end up collecting.)

Who knows maybe someone in Miami will do the same, and we can compete, I can’t think of anything better!

The button is on the upper right sidebar.


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